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Essential offer management consultancy services to help support a range of your business and technology initiatives.  With experience from a number of major change initiatives and strategic supplier sourcing arrangements, Essential can help you to realise business benefit from supplier and technology investments.

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 Supplier Relationship Management

 Strategic Change

Service Management

What is it?   Why might you need it, and when?

What does it cover? Structures, processes and culture through which a client-supplier relationship is run.   Our approach covers operational performance management of an SLA, through to relationship development to meet strategic change objectives.

Which Relationships?    Appropriate for strategic or significant relationships.  Particularly relevant for service providers, but also used for strategic commodity suppliers.

Change Management:  Stakeholder engagement, business requirement analysis, force-field analysis, cultural and organisational design inhibitors and enablers of change, business cases and governance processes - and that's just the start!   A dedicated independent change agent can help.

Bridging the Business to IT gap: ensuring that technology strategies, architectures, and policies develop hand-in-hand with business strategy so that the business derives real value from technology, rather than it being a financial millstone.

Service Requirements:   Service descriptions, Service Level requirements; SLAs; OLAs; Service credit / debits; client-supplier obligations.

Service Processes:  ITIL based process development and reviews.

Service Operation: Service Improvement Plans; operational efficiency; post incident reviews, supply chain analysis.

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