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Service Management: The creation, operation and development of services

Services are distinguished from products by

  • Their perishable nature, they may only exist for the short period of an interaction with a customer
  • Their immediacy - there may be no opportunity to delay, a day may be considered a speedy delivery of a product, but 15 seconds would be a long delay in delivery of a response during a telephone based service encounter.
  • Their tangibility - their limited physical substance
  • Their intimacy - services are produced and consumed at the same point (unlike a product)
  • Variability - more difficult to standardise, each interaction may vary slightly in content, and similar interactions may vary on each occasion

These pages introduce

  • Specification and design of a service, through to service level agreements
  • Operational processes through which services are delivered
  • Management structures and culture for services, especially where an element of outsourcing is involved
  • The supply chain through which a service is delivered, and implications for delivery of the target service



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