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Service Delivery

Service delivery covers the day to day operation of a service.  Whether a service is provided internally by an organisation, or externally sourced there will be a customer-supplier relationship between those 'purchasing' the service - possibly a business unit, and those 'supplying' the service - the operations area.   This organisational relationship is distinct from the relationship which may exist with the end consumer of service.  

Service delivery processes

A service provider's day-to-day processes need to be defined across all service disciplines.  ITIL ( establishes best-practice for service delivery.  Although this standard was established to aid management of often complex Information Technology services, its relevance to business services is being increasingly recognised.    The management function for a customer-supplier relationship will review the success of these processes in meeting SLAs.

Service Improvement Plans (SIPs).  

SIPs control evolution of services by :

  • Improving efficiency of service delivery;
  • Ensuring efficient use of services by the Client ;
  • Challenging and reviewing service levels and service credit/debit schemes;
  • Improving MI quality, and
  • Improving demand forecasting processes.

Business process analysis

Analysis of the business process (service delivery process), i.e. the 'how' will help to identify opportunities for improving the efficiency of delivery, reducing points of operational risk, and identify points of poor service scoping (too many hand-offs).

Analysis of the business processes in a multi-supplier environment will help to delimit the points of responsibility for each supplier when specifying their service requirements.


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