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Management of Services

Consideration of the organisation, process and culture through which the delivery and evolution of the service is managed to ensure that it meets existing requirements, and develops to realise its full potential for both party's benefit.

Management culture and processes

Whether a service is being internally or externally provided, it is important that the management arrangements and approach is established for all aspects of:

  • performance against service levels
  • quality management
  • financial management, from cost control to investment in new change
  • risk management
  • cultural and human performance factors (HRM) impacting performance and evolution of services
  • communication and information flow
  • leadership in setting relative priorities (speed, cost, quality, innovation), and inspiring 
  • setting objectives for the relationship in conjunction with the other party
  • strategic planning and development of services

Roles, responsibilities and processes (including escalation and dispute resolution) need to be clearly defined between the customer and supplier organisations, and appropriate points of interaction established. 

The Essential design for supplier relationship management may be applied to internal service delivery and customer service, as well as to external supplier relationships.

  • review of management structures and controls across the whole service delivery chain; reporting, escalation, business ownership.
  • review of supplier management controls and processes, and relevance to the organisation
  • cultural analysis where services are persistently failing, inflexible or slow to change to meet new requirements



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