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When is Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) relevant?

The level of effort and resource which customers and suppliers dedicate to aspects of their relationship, from daily operational performance through to relationship development and strategy alignment will be driven by the scale, complexity and importance to each organisation of the contracts under management.

The Essential approach has been designed to cater for any organisational buying relationship.  This does not mean a one size fits all!  Three levels of model have been specified:

  • Small scale, operations focused relationships
  • Medium scale significant contract management
  • Large scale strategic or mission critical supplier partnerships

Within each of these broad bands, processes and structures may be tailored based on results of profiling analysis used to identify particular needs and potential issues for each unique relationship.

SRM processes are applicable for product and service supply (few product supply arrangements have no element of service embedded), and add particular value in cases where some customisation is required, or where the customer is looking to influence development priorities for new products and services.



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