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Relationship Assessments

A "health check" can be used to review existing customer-supplier relationships, to see how comprehensive the arrangements are, to report on existing or envisaged issues, and review the efficiency and effectiveness of the arrangements in meeting both organisations objectives.

Assessments may focus on specific topics or take a holistic view of the relationship:

  • Structures. Are all components needed to manage and develop the relationship in place?
  • Objectives .  Have objectives been set, how are they being measured, and how is the relationship perceived by both parties?
  • Culture. Behaviours, cultures & personalities at each level of engagement
  • Balance.   Supplier and Customer commitment and support.
  • Contract Support.  Does the contract adequately support the supplier management effort on topics such as:
  • SLA detail
  • Service Credit and Debit scheme
  • Management Information reporting
  • Customer right of audit
  • Benchmarking
  • Continuity planning

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