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Our Supplier Relationship Services

We can help to ensure that strategic relationships deliver their expected benefits, at any stage in a contract life-cycle from initial supplier evaluations through to contract renewal

Supporting Sourcing Projects

  • Supply market research, and supplier capability evaluations
  • RFI and RFP processes
  • Contract negotiation (including assurance that it supports SRM adequately)

Establishing Supplier Relationships

  • Ensuring that an appropriate relationship style is defined, and objectives set
  • Establishing relationship management structures suited to the relationship objectives
  • Stakeholder analysis, and roles & responsibilities mapping
  • Establishing management processes against roles

Supporting SLAs definitions to ensure that:

  • Service descriptions are complete
  • SLAs define measurable and appropriate standards
  • Clear boundaries of responsibility are established.

Relationship Assessments

  • Health check review of an existing relationship, assessing the suitability and completeness of relationship management arrangements. -->more

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