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Challenges faced when implementing technology related change

Pace of Technology Change

Technology seems to evolve at an ever quickening pace, and to become more and more complex, and yet more and more businesses are dependent on technology to realise competitive advantage, or even just to maintain market position.  A vision for technology related change must ensure it has clear delivery points - it should evolve with the technology, rather than being continually delayed awaiting the next feature rich release.

Cost, risk and time-to-market

New technology can be very expensive.  IT is notorious for being delivered late and/or at vastly increased cost.  Incremental IT strategies will often suit a business more than major periodic investment projects.    The technology choice must support the business service model, whilst also meeting business objectives for risk and cost.   A total cost of ownership needs to be understood, not just initial development and deployment costs.  An IT strategy built on existing commercial products/services is most likely to be delivered quickly, and more predictably.

Compatibility, Legacy issues

Compatibility with existing systems, migration strategy for displacing legacy systems can be problematic.  In a business environment where strategic partnerships and supply arrangements are increasingly common, the IT change strategy must consider inter-operational requirements with partner businesses.

Technology Evangelists

Amongst many other challenges are those from within, technology evangelists often promote favoured new  solutions.   For business managers dependent on their technical advisors this can make evaluation of business cases even harder.



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