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Mobilisation - enabling change

Mobilisation is a period of analysis, and preparatory action. The existing environment is analysed against the envisaged change to identify all elements which need to be managed or modified if the change is to succeed. These may be practical and process related, such as funding, resourcing, and approval processes, or cultural and behavioural.

Cultural and behavioural analysis will reveal attitudes to the existing situation, to the proposed change, and highlight key areas for influencing.

Environmental, stakeholder, and cultural analysis tools may all help to identify issues. Force-field diagrams are a popular way of depicting positive and negative forces for change. More sophisticated force-field analyses will show the relative power of each force, and include plans for either removing or circumventing restraining forces, whilst capitalising on supporting forces.

The length of the mobilisation period will influenced by the nature and strength of forces, particularly the restraining forces.

Comprehensive communication should feature strongly in the mobilisation approach.



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